the return

i wanna thank everyone for all the support yall little dicks have gave this long dick style kid. i been running this brand for just over a year, and its been a lot of fucking fun, also a lot of fucking stress, but thats just part of running a brand. i orginially started this project as a means to get my art and graphics out, and look whats happening, my art is like all around this dirty ass planet on some beautiful people and like that is the best thing ever to happen to me and it makes me so happy. i have started to fade away recently getting distracted with life and that makes me really sad, and i cant keep doing that. i want everyone to know that i am a human, who has made mistakes, fucked up, and im still trying to find peace with myself through out this whole process. the main thing i want to get back to is just making more art, a lot of it, beats, videos, clothes, i just want to create until i fucking die, and thats why this will never end. anti flower show movement started as a means to express myself and spread my art, and make others laugh was just a bonus. again, i want to thank everyone who has ever supported, liked a photo, commented, you really make a huge fucking difference in my life, and i fucking love every single one of you. 
anti flower show movement will be OPENING on oct 15th.
- lil neek (nicolas linsalata)